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Raffle Tickets (12 colours to choose from)

Raffle Ticket Printing

Some boxes only apply to certain types of raffles read below for more details:
​An incidental non-commercial lottery:  This is a raffle that takes place during the course of an event – eg the tickets are sold and the raffle drawn during a meeting, fête, dance, or party. You will not need a licence.
Private Raffle: If tickets will be offered only to a defined group, such as members of a club or employees of the same organisation, and the raffle will not be advertised or available outside this group, a Private Raffle will be appropriate.  You will not need a licence.

Charity Raffle: If you want to sell raffle tickets amongst the general populace over a period of days, you will have to declare a Charity Raffle. You will have to register the raffle with the local authority.
Please change the quantity to change the prices.

Colour of ticket
Number of tickets
How many tickets in each book ?
Organiser of Draw
Name of Draw
Date and time of draw
Main Prize
Other Prizes
Ticket Price
Name of Charity & Reg Charity Number
Organiser contact details to appear on the ticket
Licence Number and Details of Local Authority
Are you emailing a logo ?

Price: £8.00

Raffle Tickets (12  colours to choose from)
Raffle Tickets (12  colours to choose from) Raffle Tickets (12  colours to choose from)

Price: £8.00